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This course introduces the fundamentals of Jazz, Tap, and Ballet to the very young. With music appreciation, the child’s creativity, motor skills, and confidence are developed while having fun! The children sing and dance to music designed especially for their age group.

BALLET CLASSES FOR AGES 8 AND UP: Ballet develops excellent structure, tone, placement technique, strength and flexibility of the body. This is the mother of all dance. This course is essential for the well-rounded dancer and a MUST for students placed in competition classes.

TAP CLASSES: Tap is a great source for rhythmic and motor skill development. As an audible dance form, tap is effective in stimulating a natural sense of rhythm and beat, and is popular for all ages.

JAZZ CLASSES: This free style of dance involves strength, isolations, and combinations and is influenced by the contemporary dances and music of today.

POINTE: Requires tremendous strength of the legs and feet and is an advancement in Ballet Curriculum and requires a special shoe. /at least 2 technique classes a week are required with this pointe class. By teachers placement only.

LYRICAL: A Form of dance that is a fusion of ballet and jazz techniques that use motion to interpret music and express emotions.

Contemporary: Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modernjazzlyrical and classical ballet.

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